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The Asian Tabby

  • There are four different tabby patterns; Ticked, Spotted, Mackerel and Classic.

  • All are possible in silver or standard.

  • Most of the tabbies seen on the show bench are the dominant ticked pattern.

  • However, several breeders are working hard to perfect the patterns on the more recessive varieties, the spotted, mackerel, and the most recessive, the classic.

  • There is still a great deal of work to be undertaken before they become readily available.


TabbySpotsnew.jpg (9751 bytes)

A brown standard Spotted Tabby clearly showing its pattern

Zaantya.JPG (46929 bytes)

Black Standard Ticked Tabby
classictabby.jpg (12628 bytes)
Chocolate Standard Classic Tabby
Photos and Copyright held by Elizabeth James and Claire Lovell.

Riverdance Oh Murphy&Delany.JPG (18851 bytes)

Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby and Brown Standard Mackerel Tabby