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The Fandango Pedigree Burmese Cats Website!

My name is Claire Lewis and I am a GCCF (Governing Council of  The Cat Fancy) Qualified UK Pedigree Cat Judge, Pedigree Burmese Cat Breeder and Pedigree Burmese Cat Exhibiter.

I have been breeding Pedigree Burmese Cats since 1991.

In the past I have also bred Asian cats and in particular Tiffanies Cats so you will see some photos of them on my website.

Today though, I breed purely Pedigree Burmese Cats.

I love Burmese Cats-they are truly wonderful, being so very, elegant, and utterly, utterly beautiful!

And at the same time they possess a delightful and incredible outgoing personality. They love people and people love them!

Burmese Cats are very popular world-wide and are justifiably known as ‘The Connoisseurs Cat’ amongst those that are looking for a companionable Pedigree Cat.

As a breed, Burmese Cats are very sociable, ultra friendly and interactive and will quickly become part of the family.

They will become a very close companion to someone on their own, chief entertainer to a couple or an integral part of a hurley, burley family.

Once you have had a Pedigree Burmese Cat in your life, you will never want to be without one!

For many years now I have been a Full GCCF qualified Judge for Burmese Cats and regularly judge across the UK.

I love to show my own Burmese cats, though for the most part, the opportunities are rare nowadays as I judge so much. Judges understandably are not allowed to enter a show where they may also be judging. Thus my own cats are only shown on those rare days when I am not myself judging, therefore making the chances of my own cats gaining titles that much harder and thus so much more precious...


I am a member of all the GCCF Burmese Cat Clubs and subscribe to all the breeder ethics by each club.

I am an active member of the GCCF Investigations Committee which is part of the GCCF Disciplinary process responsible for the ethical conduct of all breeders. 

I am also very honoured to be a Delegate for The Burmese Cat Society on The Burmese Breed Advisory Committee (Burmese BAC) which is our main UK GCCF body to advise and maintain all standards for the Burmese Breed.

I am Chair of the All Breed Cambria Cat Club and also their Delegate at the GCCF Council Meetings.

For further information about this fabulous breed of Pedigree Burmese Cats, I would suggest using the links below to 

Please see any of these two clubs (details above) for information of Burmese Kittens available from their club members. In addition I would also very highly recommend The LoveBurmese website which also has a very informative Burmese Kitten List  .

Please, please, be very careful if you are seeking a Burmese kitten online. Unfortunately there are some very unscrupulous people around nowadays selling Burmese kittens. The majority of these breeders are not any longer thankfully, on any of the official GCCF Burmese Cat Club lists as they have been banned due to selling Burmese kittens with health problems, however they do unfortunately appear on other public websites so please be very, very careful if you are seeking a Burmese kitten...

For details of my own homebred kittens that I may have, please see my Kitten Page.

I, myself, only have a very few Burmese litters each year, being just a very, very small hobby breeder.

All my cats all live in the house as part of the family including my entire stud boy. I have no outdoor pens or cages and all my cats live naturally indoors together as one very happy and extremely harmonious family.

Please email me if interested in having one of my Burmese kittens at   and I will let you know if I have a current litter or when I might be expecting one.

Those enquiries which do me the courtesy of greeting me by name, telling me where they live, what they can give to a new kitten and very importantly details of their past experience of Burmese etc will benefit from a response from myself.  Those that simply say ‘Hi, and have you kittens available/what is the price?’ etc will not... I am sorry to sound so pedantic and perhaps old fashioned but I simply wish to find lovely homes for any of my beautiful kittens I may have and not have to deal with the now very numerous, rather abrupt and impolite enquiries I receive every single week...

Please note that due to the now very high demand for my kittens, I am no longer keeping a list of prospective owners but would ask people to email me back when I suggest that I may have more news regarding any possible kittens.

Once my Burmese kittens are old enough, then I welcome visitors to see them.

For anyone from London, we are only two hours from London on the M4. People can usually find us easily with Sat Nav plus I send detailed directions beforehand. Visits are, of course, strictly by appointment only.

We live in the small, pretty little village of Caerleon in South Wales, which is just 25 minutes from Bristol across the New Severn Bridge.

Historically  Caerleon in the past was the main Roman outpost for all of Roman Wales and today has many interesting places to visit if coming up for the day, such as the Roman Amphitheatre, Roman Baths and Museum. Please see the local Caerleon website for more details at  .

Included in my travel details, if visiting, will also be information on the many pubs in the locality that can provide a delicious lunch -and for those coming further a field there are some delightful B & B’s to stay in-we are well worth a visit!

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Photographs on this Web site provided by myself, Robert Fox, Claire Lovell and the owners of the cats.

My very, very grateful thanks to Robert, the webmaster, for creating and maintaining this site.

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