Photos and letters from the

Filandre extended Family and friends


Filandre Quelita (Katie)

ALH b 25  (chocolate ticked tabby Tiffanie)

Champion Karesama Silver Seaxanus x Clarenlis Filandre’s Wish

Katie was the only girl in a litter of four so she’s feisty especially when it comes to mealtimes.  Quelita means Queen of joy and she lives up to that name being regal and a joy to have around. She now lives in the New forest with a retired couple whose lives she has taken over and she rules them with a velvet paw.

Filandre Classicserenade (Tasha)

BUR n  (Brown Burmese)

Champion Filandre Karesamaclassic x Champion Karesama Filandreserenade

Tasha is noisy, extravert and attention seeking in other words a typical Burmese, she is also the great-granddaughter of our lovely Grand Champion Karesama Moonlite Serenade who died in May 2012 aged 17. She has now gone to live in the countryside in Norfolk and shares the garden with the owners horse!


Clarenlis Filandre’s Wish (Claudia)

ASL ns 11  (Black Silver shaded Tiffanie)

Grand Champion Inyanga Rafael x Clarenlis Matahari

photo by Ben Hatherly

Claudia had one lovely litter but as Eric became more incapacitated we had to reduce out numbers and she was rehomed in Kent as an only cat. She now lives as a spoilt indoor cat with a lovely family. 


 Lilly and Blue Lilly and Blue
Dear Elizabeth,

Well this little poppet has already stolen our hearts! She is absolutely fearless, she walked straight in and took everything in her stride. Blue was terribly upset at her arrival to begin with, he was hissing and spitting and growling. He was far more distressed at her arrival than he had been at moving in with us or meeting the dog, whereas she just sat and looked at him as if to say 'whatever is your problem?!' And she practically marched up to a very surprised Sparky and sniffed his nose! He was most alarmed.
Anyway we took it very gently and kept them separately for a couple of nights with supervised play and feeding together during the day. Within two days they were friends happily cuddling up and grooming each other.
Now they work together to achieve maximum naughtiness, especially when we're trying to eat our dinner!
I can't tell you how thrilled we are to have this confident, delicate, naughty little girl in out lives.
I will send more pictures as the opportunity presents itself.

With all good wishes,

Lola's Blog
I am sorry that it has taken so long to give you an update on Lola's life. My elderly relatives have been quite time consuming. Never fear, she who cannot be ignored gets every other minute!

She is a very relaxed cat and drapes herself everywhere.

If only his legs were a bit longer.

Roast tail for lunch tomorrow then.

Her two humans not only now understand miaow, we also understand Miaoaoow! and more importantly YIAOWWW (I want it and I want it now). She never hides anywhere even when I bring out the Hoover...though she obviously retreats from that. She has her three stage demand process...first brush yourself up against your human, then sit and yowl loudly at your human, and finally, bat your human with your paw!

I have to say she is not the brightest Burmese we have cared for - she has only just about learned to push the lounge doors open rather than try to pull them - but she is nevertheless the most talkative and sociable cat we have ever had. And what am I talking about...she gets precisely what she wants so who am I to talk about intelligence!

Overall, I am now convinced she is as happy as she could be, we love her to bits and I think she quite likes us.

Next adventure will be the boat...she'll like it, because it is very warm and Lola definitely doesn't do cold...yes, we get to turn on the heating at home because the cat is cold.

Oh and you may like these:

Lola 1, Graham 0.

Best wishes

Champion Filandre Chasinadream
Abbie 72 45q


Ruxhill Karesama Kashmere x Filandre Chasinshadows

She currently is nursing babies by Grand Champion Inyanga Rafael we have 4 boys and a very promising girl we are keeping our fingers crossed that she is a Tiffanie it looks hopeful at the moment






Filandre Chanson D’Amour
Lola 27


Champion Filandre Karesamaclassic x Champion Karesama Filandreserenade

Why Lola? Well she’s a showgirl and whatever Lola wants Lola gets! She’s a very mischievous Burmese, purrs the moment she is picked up and hates being overlooked, she chatters all the time. She is great friends with Abbie and the pair of them chase up and down the stairs sounding more like a pair of elephants than a couple of cats. When she’s tired she retires to bed. Her first litter was to Nicanory Brown Bombadier and she gave us 3 strapping boys, two of whom live nearby as much loved pets with Margaret Moore, prefix Deetisut, who was delighted to find one of her cats in the kitten’s background



Premier Inyanga Lairdof Filandre
Angus 68 43dsq


Ch. Jetstar Regal Quest x Gr. Ch. Kevona Jezebelle

Breeder: Mrs Elaine Hamilton

 Many thanks to Elaine for our beautiful boy who is a great grandson of our own Ch Filandre Aeneas and Gr Ch Filandre Chasinrainbows. Angus had a super kitten career but then unfortunately suffered a torchon, now he is fully recovered from his operation look out for him on the show bench very soon

In his first show as a neuter Angus won his first PC with Best of Breed his second was the Croyden where he exceededall or expectations by becoming Best of Variety Foreign Neuter well done Angus you're a star!



Nearly a week. I’ve explored the whole house for warm dark places (found a wonderful spot in a painting bag where they took a long time to find me!) I’m feeling very confident now and less necessity to shout wherever I go. I’ve discovered that Roger is as keen on watching rugby as I am. I’ve seen lots of amazing creatures outside but am in no hurry to join them! There’s no pressure here and lots of love and affection so I am not lonely and I think it’s going to be OK.

Hi Elizabeth
I hope you are all keeping well, Louis has really settled in well, making new friends and getting into all sorts of mischief, sending you a couple of good photos
Jes x


Hi Elizabeth, I hope you're having a great summer. We're all well and loving being able to have all the doors onto the garden open, now the cats are free to go in and out!

I've finally got around to uploading photos and couldn't resist sending you a few of our favouites... these first 2 are of the kittens' first adventures in our playroom and garden!

Tricia James 



Filandre Chasinshadows
Lucy 68 43sq

Grand Champion Tahirah Silverfilandre x Grand Champion Filandre Chasinrainbows

Lucy is a brown silver Tiffanie, Jasmine’s very last kitten. She was born by Caesarean section and the vet nurse, after whom she is named, worked very hard to save her. Lucy HATED shows, well anybody who wore a white coat and wanted her to do something she didn’t want to do might be more accurate. She has now been neutered and is a much more contented girl who is the companion of a lady who lives by herself in London, I am sure they will have many happy years together.

  Tia and Otto are an absolute delight, they are absolutely hilarious, they copy the dogs behaviours, they beg, they steal food and play ball in the paddock with the dogs.  The puppy gives them both a really hard time, he jumps on them, rough and tumbles with them like he would with his litter mates and not once have they put their claws out to him. 

They do get pretty fed up sometimes and bat him over the head.  They have a very large room upstairs where they sleep at night and more often than not at around nine they start nagging one of us to take them to bed.  Before Christmas ,just after getting the puppy my m.e. kicked in I had to spend quite a lot o time in bed where I was joined by all dogs including the puppy on a special puppy pad and the two cats, good job I didn't need a doctors visit. Hope all your cats are well and you and your family have a great year, more photos will follow. 

Xx Jessica


I just wanted to let you know what a beautiful young cat Hebe is. She
has an amazing 'no worries' personality that lets her shrug off any
catty behaviour from the others and has loved being outside this spring
and summer so far. She is a fearsome hunter and has the habit of
climbing trees and getting stuck then calling for help, my tree
climbing skills are OK but a good ladder helps. She is very trusting
and happy to be plucked from a high branch without resistance, which is
a good job as she climbs after squirrels as well as birds and gets
herself into some tight spots on very thin branches!
She never walks anywhere every movement is at top speed, a full gallop.

Regards Mike


Champion Hurtlepuss Zoe Filandre
Zoe 68 44e

Grand Champion Tahirah Silverfilandre x Hurtlepuss Oriole
Zoe has now moved to her new home in Grayswood. She has settled down well with Michael and Sarah and will no doubt rule the household as a much loved and spoilt only cat

Daisy and Zoe


Grand Champion Tahirah Silverfilandre
William 68 43asq

Amberlino Sarudawn x Gr. Ch Filandre Silvershadow
Breeder: Mrs Diane Bussey

William has now been neutered and lives in spoilt luxury in Fareham but has developed and allergy to the Great Outdoors so has to be kept indoors.


Dear Elizabeth,

I had started a note to you just after Lady Marmalade's 5th birthday - that was early July !  Lady M is very well and enjoys a very spoilt life...

something I'm sure you'd approve of !

We are now overseas working in Kuwait and Lady M came with us, naturally.

Over here she is a total indoor cat; I wouldn't have it any other way here.

She is so totally soppy and loves a cuddle and fuss as much as the next Tiffanie!  She absolutely adores being brushed and jumps into the bathroom sink to let you know she is ready for a brushing session!!  She knows how to tell you what she wants. She is a part of the family I would not be without.

I've attached some very recent photos of her - as usual owning the place!

Hope you are keeping well.

Helen, Tony and Lady Marmalade xx



Buttons is settling in very well. After a bit of bad language from Ting Tong, all three are scampering around  playing together now. Ting Tong has even accepted Buttons sleeping in my arms, while she sleeps next to us...Buttons is very fiesty! Quite vocal too when she wants food or attention -which she does alot! I think there's going to be quite a competition to see who eventually becomes "TopCat" - and I think she will win, as Ting Tong, although holding her own at the moment, has a less forceful personality.As you can see, she is intrigued by the dishwasher! and goes to Ting Tong for a cuddle...
she's got quite an appetite! I have to feed her on her own -she eats everyone else's otherwise!
Everyone who has seen Buttons has fallen in love with her -she's so outgoing and sociable. She's like a little whirlwind and has certainly livened the place up! She's asleep on my lap as I write this (everytime I sit down, she's there on my lap!)

Thank you - she is so lovely.






 The lovely Alfie - a year on!
Dear Elizabeth,

I thought you'd like to know how Alfie (Ch Filandre Aeneas) is getting on
 in Hauxton with Katie - I know she's sent you some photo's but she's not been able to write much. Alfie
has been part of our lives for virtually a year now and can't imagine life
without him.  He's a one in a million feline friend.

Adrian and I call Alfie our 'grand cat' (as opposed to our grandson), and we too
are besotted by him, it's always a bit of a battle to see who can get to him
first when we visit Katie..  Whenever you see him it's as though he hasn't seen
anyone for the last week despite having been cuddled and loved in the previous 5
mins! He loves to climb on your shoulder and be carried around with head resting
on your neck.

I think Katie told you he was going out into the garden. He was desperate to go
out and it was becoming quite difficult to keep him in, so we decided to go for
it.  He's loved being out and stayed in the garden mooching about and coming in
when he'd had enough.  He now leaves the garden and goes off exploring and uses
the cat flap to go in and out  (when it's not raining, he's far too important to
get his coat wet!). He's been doing this now for the last 4 months and is
perfectly happy, contented and always returns for his home comforts. We were so
worried when he first started doing it but he's been fine - we open the flap in
the morning and lock it before it gets dark.  He actually doesn't go outside at
all until Katie gets up as he waits in her 'resting bed' on the pillow until he
hears her stir and then goes to wait for her at the bedroom door. Once he's then
had a huge fuss, he ventures outside for a bit and comes back to lay with her
when she rests - it's so lovely to see. He seems really happy and looks very
fine and is treated like a king by Katie. He's transformed her life and I don't
think he does too badly either! We sometimes think the carer thinks more about
Alfie than of Katie too! He goes on the stairlift with her and loves to lounge
on the settee with her too.
He's a bit of a favourite with the neighbours who all want to cuddle him - which
he loves, but at the end of the day he's a real one woman cat .

Do hope you can put some photos of him in his new home on your web site - if you
need any we have hundreds of him!! 
With kind wishes to you and your lovely cats


We are very proud of Jasmine who was the very first Tiffanie Grand Champion.
She has a delightful personality and is a typical ‘naughty tortie’. Unfortunately her last pregnancy resulted in a caesarean so we made the very difficult decision to have her neutered and rehomed. She now lives as a spoilt only cat with a delightful couple in Winchester.

Her offspring International Champion Filandre Reachforthestars, Champion Filandre Jet-Star and her very last kitten Filandre Chasinshadows follow in her footsteps.


Hello and Happy New Year from Ptolemy and Co.

Ptolemy celebrated his first birthday as you know recently and is now quite the man, and has a varied fanbase.
 I got him a little girlfriend in the end not long after, Ophelia a Bengal from a lady called Amanda Colgan in Cambridgeshire.
 I was going to get another tiff but she had two boys and seemed a shame to splt them and I thought a girl would be better company. They keep each other on their toes and there have been no major misdemeanours. Nothing compared, in fact to the burmese I had who were always breaking things etc etc.
 Ptol was only a bit miffed for about 24 hours which was a surprise really considering all the horror stories you hear and they remain a happy couple.
 I am attaching a few pics of the babes.
 Hope that you are both doing well and that Ptolemy's siblings are both settled and happy in their respective homes.

Best wishes,
 Eric Gelshinan
London W10


Just a note to wish you a Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2008. I eclose a couple of pictures of Tilly (formerly Filandre Julia). She is very much at the heart of the family and we have no trouble getting her in for the night. One picture is with our Bombay, Clyde. They get on really well but are still not too adult to have "play" fights frequently. 

Best regards,

Chris & Barbara Robinson


We just thought we would keep in touch as Tilly's first birthday passed a few days ago (04.04.07). Attached are a couple of photos. She is a delightful animal and gets on very well with our Bombay (after a bit if hissing from him in the first week) who she  is using as a mattress in one photo. We have just started giving her the run of our garden and she loves it though I'm pleased to say she does not roam far.

Hoping all's well with you,
Best wishes,
Chris & Barbara Robinson.
Hi Elizabeth,

Not sure if you'll remember me or not. I took 2 of your beautiful girls just before you went to Australia.


I have attached photos of the little monkies!


Suki (tiffanie) is a little sweetheart. Follows me around and is always ready for a cuddle. Jasmine (Burmilla) is so cheeky, you wouldn't believe her! She has always got something in her mouth for an experimental chew and despite several vets visits, will not learn her lesson. The worst episode was on New Year's day when she had emptied my kitchen bin all over the floor. Through the day, she felt worse and worse and I ended up calling the vet out! Can you imagine a worse day apart from Christmas day?!!??!!? 265 later..............


Anyway, they are both incredibly loved by all the family. They are never more happy than when they are sitting by your head, giving your hair a groom!!! And the purrs - what can I say!


Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that they are well!!

Best wishes,
Rachel Hannaford



Hi Elizabeth !
Back home now and she seems to be ok.... a few little meow's on the way home !! Will keep in touch and let you know how she gets on... for now she's happy having a nice little catnap !


Now seems an appropriate time to e mail you a progress report of Arran and I as he approaches his first birthday. Boy has he grown, we thought Oban was big but Arran is bigger but ever so beautiful. He has the most beautiful markings and temperament. He is currently asleep on my lap helping me write my dissertation (one handed of course). He quite happily travels (well not if you count the noise!) between Durham and Salisbury, settling into both places very happily. He adores his uncle Oban and they are often curled up together or out in the fields. Up north he has a lovely play area, has all the neighbors exactly where he wants them and keeps me company in front of the computer. I leave the font door open and he comes and goes at his leisure (except it is a bit cold with it open all the time!) He certainly keeps me busy! 

With much love 
Georgie and Arran x 

new extend.jpg (7545 bytes)
As you can see it has not taken long for the Kittens to move onto the dogs' mat in front of the Aga! Who can blame them in this weather! The dogs do not seem to mind at all and it is very sweet to see them all cuddled up together. They are getting on very well - eating like little horses, and using their litter tray without any problems. We have all fallen in love with them - even our boys who did not think two kittens were going to be very exciting, think they are incredibly cool, particularly when they show off their climbing and agility skills! Alyson Rothwell
Caeser.jpg (4586 bytes)


lance3.JPG (12290 bytes)  

Simon says

lance1.JPG (10248 bytes)

Laura & Lance

Lance in his new home

He's settled in very well and really wants to be part of the family, he spends a lot of time in the garden and patrols his territory with great zest. He's definitely a lap cat, spends most evenings on my lap. Is eating well and loves to play with Laura.

amber on dad's back.jpg (7212 bytes)

Amber on dad's back

upright on post.jpg (8704 bytes)

This is a brief extraction from a mail received from Barbara Penniall who is owned by Filandre Silversox She was bought as a self Birthday present but has fallen in love with Barbara’s teenage son Lyndon 

Amber is growing (and how) from strength to strength. I am allowed to purchase toys, food, smart beds and general essentials, but Amber and Lyndon conduct this totally mutual admiration society – me, I am tolerated. Seriously she is growing into a really lovely animal (not that she wasn’t always). Her coat is quite fluffy – magnificent tail, but her colouring is a million shades ranging from coffee to cream -oh and  under her chin and the tips of her paws are white. (breeder note - that’s why she was named silversox!) 

My parents came to stay at Easter and both, of course, fell totally and absolutely in love with her. She pointed out to dad that the scratching post he made for Mistletoe ( our previous cat) was in need of rejuvenating and as he bent over to repair same, she supervised from a customary position – quite comfy thank you and please don’t bother to get up

Filandre Starlit Night otherwise known as Bandit (I wonder why?) with his friend ‘sharing’ a blanket and a nap.

001_Boetkit1.jpg (10694 bytes)

002_Boetkit2.jpg (10199 bytes)

BANDIT1.jpg (8089 bytes) BANDIT2.jpg (6662 bytes)
BANDIT3.jpg (7012 bytes)
Just thought I’d let you know that both cats are thriving (touch wood! Every time I tell you this something disastrous happens…) Bandit (Filandre) is the fastest thing on 3 legs and I frequently have quite a job convincing people that he does indeed only have 3 legs!) He is as adventurous as ever, Dacoit (Hurtlepuss)  is much more sensible, altogether more reserved and occasionally formidable. We now have a puppy which Dacoit treats with disdain and Bandit loves – we think Bandit may have some identity issues, i.e., he thinks he’s a dog! As long promised I attach a few pics of cats and dogs.

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