My name is Elizabeth James and I have been breeding and showing my beautiful Burmese and Asian cats with my late husband Eric since 1992


Pedigree cats have owned me for 40 years, first a Siamese and then Burmese. When I first met Eric (ballroom dancing, our other major hobby) I had a one eyed red Burmese called, what else, Nelson. They immediately became best buddies, it was Eric’s first introduction to pedigree cats and he was an immediate convert.
When we moved to Hampshire in 1990, we acquired a friend for Nelson a brown Tortie female called Emma (the Lady Hamilton). Nelson was like his namesake an adventurer, one day he ventured too far and was hit by a car, I was devastated and Emma and Eric almost inconsolable.
It was Eric’s 60th Birthday and I bought him, as a surprise, another red Burmese from my sister Karen called Karesama Dartagnan. Named Oliver at home, he had the gentlest of temperaments so we tried our hands at showing He did quite well and we were hooked. However, after he had won two PC’s he spent one show sitting in the corner with his back to us clearly not enjoying his day and although he was still a perfect gentleman Eric decided to retire him.
In the meantime my son who is allergic to animals got married and left home and we decided to start to start breeding our beautiful Burmese. I went of course to my sister (Karesama) who had been breeding cats with some success for over 20 years, we waited for the right girl examining every female in every litter until at last after a wait of two years she felt she had a potential champion and breeding queen. So we bought our foundation Queeen Grand Champion Karesama Moonlite Serenade aka Sasha. Karen then fell in love with Burmillas and eventually a spotted girl Champion Riverdance (Chloe) came to join the household, well she was too good to be a pet and Karen didn’t have room for her! So began our Asian breeding in particular Tiffanies, because unbeknown to us Chloe carried the longhair gene.


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