All our kittens are born in our bedroom where they remain until they begin to venture out of the kittening box. They are then transferred to our kitten room and a playpen added to the box to keep them safe. They are handled frequently; any visitors to the house do not get away without visiting the babies. When the local little girls get to know that we have a litter there is a constant stream of requests and as the kittens grow they are handled and played with by a variety of people. This helps to make our kittens bombproof and they grow up happy and confident. After their first vaccination they are introduced to the rest of the family and come downstairs and learn to be true delinquents.  

The kittens do not leave for their new homes until they are at least 13 weeks old and one week after their final vaccinations. They are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and insured.

They come with a human health warning " These kittens are practised time wasters and will change your life fore-ever". From now on you will be unable to read the Sunday Papers in peace, sit with an empty lap and you must be prepared to have a permanent purr in your ear. Oh yes and if you thought you could escape to bed they will be there before you with their heads on the pillow or tucked under the duvet!


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