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Grand Champion Filandre Chasinawish (Tess)

ASL n 11 31 (Brown shaded Tiffanie)

Grand Champion Inyanga Rafael x Champion Filandre Chasinadream


Tess is our much longed for Tiffanie girl. She reminds us of her Great Grandmother Grand Champion Filandre Chasinrainbows. She has a delightful personality full of fun and thinks she’s a Burmese. Her first litter to Grand Champion Kagura Caspian was a delight and Eric fell in love with a little blue Tiffanie male who I kept and hoped to show.



Filandre Twilight-Song (Coco)

BUR b (Chocolate Burmese)

 Champion Kagura Kennbury-Haroun x  Filandre Classicserenade

Coco was one of 5 kittens and the only chocolate in the litter. Eric loved chocolate Burmese and so we decided to keep her. She is very mischievous, talkative and time wasting, in other words a typical Burmese. The whole litter were a delight and kept Eric entertained as his health deteriorated I would often find him fast asleep with all 5 kittens on his lap I am sure that is why they purred all the time









Our stud

Our Neuters

Grand Premier Filandre Chasinashadow (Boris)

ASL a 11 31 (Blue shaded Tiffanie)

Photos by Robert Pickett of J&R Photos Herne Bay Kent

  • Grand Champion Kagura Prince Caspian x Grand Champion Filandre Chasinawish

    Boris was one of 5 kittens in Tess’s first litter. He was Eric’s favourite and the smallest in the litter so he stayed. He is a good example of the breed and I decided to take him to a show just to see how he would do, he became a Grand Premier in straight shows and along the way picked up several Best of Variety wins. He’s a happy, purry, very contented boy who loves a fuss and keeps the girls in order, they both love him.





    Foundation Queens

    Grand Champion Karesama Moonlite Serenade
    Sasha 27b

    Ch Kizwozzi Oliver x Nicamy Lilac Ladie

    Sasha was the foundation queen of the Filandre Burmese and Asians. Her Mum was Nicamy Lilac Ladie and Dad Champion Kizwozzi Oliver. She was a superb Mum and had lovely kittens all with wonderful temperaments. She was a very special one-person cat and so when she was neutered she stayed at home. In February 2012 she celebrated her 17th birthday with a laze in the sun, in March she had an operation for the removal of a mammary tumour and had her teeth cleaned. She recovered well and played chasing leaves when it was sunny. On Monday 14th May Eric found her dead in her basket, she was curled up and looked very peaceful, that’s the best way to go; she’s now buried in the garden in the patch of sunlight that was her favourite spot. We all miss her, our grandsons don’t know a life without Sasha she was older than them all!
    Rest in peace.







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