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Gares Asians & Burmese 

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from Carla and Mark Pilkington in Somerset, England.
My cats are my passion (as my husband will confirm). Our first cat was a Burmese Lilac Tortie girl called Kimaross Peach Blossom, she first arrived in 1986.

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Peachie  (born 5 Nov 1985 - 13 Sep 2001)

She was joined in 1998 by Rameses Minnikin, a mad, mad Blue Burmese. This was when I started showing and then breeding with Minnie. Before embarking on breeding, I joined various Breed and Area Cat Clubs and did thorough research.  I attended FAB Breeding Seminars and sought advice from other more experienced breeders. Without their guidance I would have been totally lost and I appreciate the kindness of so many very friendly and helpful Breeders.


Gares Sayyida Asmar (Bebe)


I hope you enjoy this small, family site and if you wish to e-mail me please do




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