General Information on Gares Kittens


Every effort has been made to ensure your kitten has had the best possible start in life.  A Gares Burmese will have been fed on good, high quality products, thereby ensuring your kitten is in the best of health and more alert than kittens fed on conventional “supermarket” cat foods.
The following brands of foods will have been sampled by your kitten, ensuring that he/she is not a “fussy” eater:

  • Dried Food:

  • Royal Canin - Babycat

  • IAMS Kitten

  • Hills Science

  • Purina

  • Tinned Food:

  •  IAMS (all varieties)

  • Denes (all natural with herbs)

  • Whiskas Kitten

  • Felix Kitten

Food Supplements:

  • Whiskas Milk (with added Taurine)
    (Taurine is a vital vitamin for cats though I would only recommend feeding Whiskas Milk as a treat ie 1 per week if your kitten is eating healthily it will not require food supplements).

  • Fresh Meat/Fish:
    Minced Beef
    Minced Chicken
    White Fish (bones removed)

I only feed them human quality food and I usually mix it with a little tinned cat food, this helps if a cat has gone “off” tinned food a little warm minced beef or chicken makes the dish more appetising.

Always ensure there is PLENTY of fresh water available at all times.  Your kitten has sampled small quantities of Cows Milk when they were being weaned, but quite often cats find it hard to digest and therefore it is recommended NOT to give cows milk on a regular basis.
If a high quality diet is followed, though it may appear expensive, in the long term it will mean a HEALTHY cat with a longer life expectancy.
It is important that the cat has a safe, warm, draught free place to sleep, preferably where it won’t be bothered by small children or other pets. Your kitten needs to know it has a safe haven.
Burmese kittens are naturally very inquisitive and will manage to get themselves into all sorts of trouble, it is therefore important that any “precious” ornaments are locked away before you introduce your kitten to its new home.  Other hazards include:
Plants (They will chew them and some are quite poisonous)
Wires to Electrical appliances (Another favourite chewing item)
Buckets of Disinfectant (One of mine fell in and some disinfectants are poisonous) – treat quickly by washing with warm water and try to ensure kitten is kept warm a dry so they don’t catch cold.
Small Gaps or Holes (Open Chimneys) where a kitten may get stuck
Having a Burmese can sometimes be more trouble than children, however, the love and affection they display to their owner far outweigh the problems!
Burmese are intelligent cats and have a low boredom threshold, it is therefore necessary to provide them with toys and most important of all, company, Burmese HATE TO BE ALONE, they love people, other cats and dogs.  A Burmese left alone will make mischief!  WARNING A Burmese can open most doors!  If a Burmese is locked in a room it will shred your carpet in an effort to escape.
Your kitten has been litter trained since 4 weeks of age, Burmese are naturally very clean cats, you will need to show your kitten where its litter tray is.  It is important that the tray is kept scrupulously clean, Burmese do not like using dirty litter.
A sample of cat litter has been given to you and if you wish to continue with this brand, then the following company will deliver to your door (including dry/canned food if required, it saves carrying all those heavy bags from the supermarket):
R & L Pet Products
390 Upper Shoreham Rd
Shoreham by Sea
West Sussex BN43 5ND
(01273) 454005 or 380505
They accept telephone orders and payments and usually deliver within 2 days.
In closing if you have any problems or queries please do not hesitate to contact me, I am always delighted to hear about their general health and progress.



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