Copy of contract of sale

Kittens are only available to very special loving homes and litters are available only once a year. Every effort is taken to ensure the kittens are raised in a home environment to be healthy, well adjusted, bouncy Burmese.

A kitten is not reserved without a deposit.  Deposits are taken in good faith and are non refundable.  We reserve the right to refuse a sale at any time and refund the deposit

They are ready to leave at 13 weeks of age and will go with fully packed bags! This includes, food samples, cat litter samples, toy, Pedigree papers, Insurance for 6 weeks and inoculations against flu and enteritis.

All prospective owners should be aware of basic guidelines and wherever possible agree to the following:

I agree to give the cat the warmth and love that his/her trust in me merits for the full span of his/her natural life.

The cat will be fed on high quality cat food at all times.

The cat will never be deliberately smacked, beaten, thrown, dropped or otherwise mistreated physically for any reason whatsoever.

If the cat is allowed out, it will be shut in during the hours of darkness at all times (90% of cats who are run over are killed at night, when headlights dazzle them).


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