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The Burmese Cat originated from Burma. It is an elegant breed of cat with easily recognised amber eyes. The coat is shiny and feels like velvet to the touch, they are bred in ten colours, six of which are solids - brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream and four torties. Brown tortie (shades of brown and red) blue tortie (shades of blue and cream)   chocolate tortie (shades of chocolate and red) and lilac tortie (shades of lilac and cream).
The Burmese is an intelligent, loyal, fun loving and an even tempered cat who loves nothing more than a cuddle or game with their favourite toy, (usually when your favourite soap is on!) They can keep you amused for hours and fit easily into any surroundings and adjust easily to a noisy or quiet household making them the ideal pet and companion.
As any Burmese owner will tell you they are a very affectionate, playful cat who enjoys company, so if they are going to be left on their own a lot, while you are working it is a good idea to have another similar type of cat as a companion. That way they will not get lonely or bored.
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