This is a web help page for ACA members Website

  1. This site has 4 pages you can amend the wording and the photos.

  2. The pages are Home, Our Cats, Kittens and Contact us.

  3. The layout of the page cannot be changed unless the webmaster agrees to the change

  4. The main colour of the site can be change during the website setup.

  5. The text will remain black.

  6. The heading banner can be altered at setup.

  7. You can go to the web update page  here or via the privacy page.

  8. Your password for this page will be arranged at setup the password for this site is

  9. member

  10. First go to web update page enter your password enter

  11. I would concentrate on wording first, WARNING pressing send with no text will remove whole page of text this is only the one page  eg HOME

  12. On this page you will find the 4 page titles  you can change eg  Kitten or Contact Page

  13. Enter your Name, Phone Number and Information you want to appear

  14. Push send this will take you to a confirmation page after this  click back on browser.

  15. Go to the top of page to add photos click Chose file button, this should allow you to browse your Computer Tablet or Phone gallery select the photo which must be .jpg and less than 3mb

  16. Click open then select dropdown for the page you want eg CONTACT Or KITTEN

  17. Click now select photo radio button 1,2 or 3 up to 8 for Home, Our Cats, Kittens or Contact

  18. Click the upload button, you should get confirmation page showing you the new name of the photo 1 to 8.

  19. Click the Go Back  to add more photos select new photos select dropdown if moved of you last selection, Then important check new radio button eg 1,2 or 3 etc Then upload button again.

  20. New photos can be put strait on this will overwrite the old one.

  21. If you require to remove a photo from your site without replacing it go to the link at the top of the page Delete individual    this will take you to a dropdown list of all your photos marked with the PAGE and number eg 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8 highlight the one you want to delete click Delete you will get confirmation. If you try to delete it again you will get a warning don't panic its already gone so you cant delete it again.